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Diamond sponsors

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Why become a sponsor?

Why sponsor?

Drupal Europe brings together thousands of people from Europe and across the globe who use, develop, design, and support the Drupal project.

The conference is a not-for-profit event. Offering conference tickets at a reasonable price (and therefore attract a broad variety of attendees) would not be possible without our sponsors.

Hundreds of attendees spend at least a day or two with contributions, i. e. advancing the development of the software. While it should be obvious that this is for the benefit of everyone using Drupal and sponsoring is one way of contributing to that, there are of course specific benefits for you as a sponsor.

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To learn more about becoming a sponsor, contact sponsors@drupaleurope.org


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Your benefits

Our sponsorship packages are designed to support your business with:

Brand Awareness

Improve company image and brand exposure across the major European Drupal agencies as well as other industries using Drupal.

Networking with Potential Partners and Customers

Present yourself as a solid partner, relief agencies of the necessity to build up all competencies within their own company.

Present your Products and Tools to a Relevant Audience

In open source software development, product and infrastructure decisions are being driven by the actual team (often a distributed team). You will not only pitch directly to the end users but also gain relevant insights for improving your portfolio.

Talent Recruitment

Simplify hiring process through rising a trust for the brand in the community. Get a unique chance to access a pool of candidates from all European and several overseas countries! Meet your potential hires in person at the booth or work with them in the contribution spacess, cutting out the costly recruitment agency services.

Benefit from positive event impact

Have your brand connected to positive feelings and knowledge improvement.

Who's attending?


Purchasing influence


DevOps tools 53 %
Hosting providers 49 %
Project management software 41 %
Digital asset/document management tools 38 %
CRM software 31 %
E-Commerce tools 30 %
Marketing software 29 %


Sponsoring team

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CEO and Co-Founder

Baddý Sonja Breidert (baddysonja) is the CEO and Co-Founder of 1xINTERNET, one of the largest Drupal web agencies in Germany.

Baddý graduated with B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Reykjavik in 2003 and after that completed her M.Sc. in Engineering Management from the Technical University in Vienna, where she today teaches Agile Project management and IT. She is also an European champion in Robotic Soccer - where she competed with her University in 2008.

Baddý is very active in the Drupal community and is one of the organisers of Drupal Europe. Since January 2018, Baddy is a board member of the Drupal Association.

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