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Frequently Asked Questions


It's really hard to find a hotel with vacancies. Are you aware of that?

Unfortunately, yes. When looking for a date and a suitable venue across Europe we had a list of requirements to meet. We made some mistakes along the way. One of them was not to notice that there is a big automotive trade fair in Frankfurt in the same week (or more precisely we were not aware of the effect this has on hotels in Darmstadt).

Please visit our accommodation page for current information and links.

Tickets and t-shirts

Is it possible to get an invoice in advance?

If your organization needs an invoice beforehand, please do the following:

  1. Place your order through the ticket widget on the Tickets page, complete your order, provide the invoice information
  2. Choose "SOFORT" payment method. After completing your order and being directed to the payment provider, simply cancel the payment process (link in left bottom corner). You will get back to the ticket shop.
  3. On that order page that now states "Pending" click the button "Request invoice" in the invoices section. Download the generated invoice.
  4. Use the bank account details (BIC/IBAN) in the footer of the invoice for wire transfer and please include the 5-digit order code.
  5. We will manually set your order to "Paid" once we received the payment.

Getting closer to the event, please make sure that your payment can be received before September 3. Pending payments will raise questions and cause waiting times during on-site check-in.

Can we pay via wire transfer?

Lower credit card limit or for whatever other reasons - you probably got caught somewhere around step number 3 in the above list. Please follow steps 3 and 4.

Please contact our ticketshop team through our contact form if this does not solve your challenge.

We need our VAT identification number on the invoice

Erm - no. Sorry to correct you here. Event tickets are not subject to VAT exemption, the local VAT applies. Actually this is just a cosmetic correction. Tickets are sold at 0% VAT (for a non-profit educational event).

I cannot come. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately tickets are not refundable. You can try and sell your ticket (for the same price or less) and change the attendee name in your order. The deadline for such changes is 2 September.

As a speaker who has already bought a ticket am entitled to a refund. How does that work?

Please be patient. We will get back to you on this.

T-shirts: can I order one? Can I change my order? Can I buy one on-site?

As of 12 August it is not possible to place or modify any t-shirt order any more because of production deadlines. We will not sell t-shirts at the venue, sorry you missed the chance.


Can I promote Drupal Europe at our local event?

You can help us promote Drupal Europe using this presentation at local meetups and DrupalCamps.

You can help spread the word. Download our logo files (download links on the Press page) or sticker print artwork (Google drive) so that you can too. Give us a ping on Slack for access to larger print promotion files.

I can help now. What do you need me to do?

People who are willing to support organizing the event and who are good at identifying tasks as well as getting things done are more than welcome to join our wonderful volunteers team (did we mention that we are all volunteers?)

Please visit our page Join the team for your on-boarding.

I have sent an e-mail but didn't get a response

We are very sorry. You followed an early call to action and the workflow had been sub-optimal. But thanks to volunteers, this has been amended. Please read the Volunteer on-boarding document. There you will find all information you will need.

About the event

Is this the European DrupalCon?

The Drupal Association does not organize DrupalCon in Europe 2018 (it’s on pause), but the Drupal community is making a big conference happen in Europe in 2018 anyway. This is it, and it’s called Drupal Europe. Read our blog for the whole background story.

DrupalCon Europe will be back in 2019 based on a licensing model.

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