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Social events

There is definitely more to a Drupal conference than the sessions, BoFs and contribution rooms. On top of the usual successful social events like Trivia night, we invite you to organize your own social events.

Stuck for ideas? What about board game nights, country dinners, visiting a museum or touring the city as a group? Parties sponsored by companies? Check out the Darmstadt Tourism site to see possible venues and what this great city has to offer. Go ahead and submit your social events, so we can list them.

Although most social events are not organized by the conference organizers, all of them are required to operate under our Terms of service and by extension of that abide to the Code of Conduct for the conference.

The organizers are not obligated to list all proposed social events.

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Trivia night photo by Dominik Kiss (CC BY-NC 2.0)

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