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Onsite resources

The volunteer team organizing Drupal Europe strive to make our conference an inclusive and welcoming environment for all who come. We care that the people who attend Drupal Europe feel comfortable and welcome, no matter their gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, age, religion or economic status.

Here is further information which will help make your conference better.

Accessibility, mobility assistance and interpreters

The venue is proud of their accessibility for blind and partially sighted visitors, people with mobility challenges as well as those with impaired hearing. 

Need further special assistance? Planning to bring your personal interpreter or assistant? Please indicate the accessibility assistance requested in your user profile and we will contact you to see how we can help. Don't hesitate to do so, we consider any request as a help for the community to be more inclusive.

Dietary restrictions

Drupal Europe offers a variety of dietary and nutritional options. There are several restrictions people in our own team face. Please specify your dietary needs in your user profile.

Lactation room

If you’re a new parent, we know there are so many reasons it’s hard to leave home. We try to make it just a little easier by providing a space for new lactating parents to nurse or pump on-site. Ask the registration desk for the location of the room (please note pumps aren't provided on-site). 


We also provide childcare services handled by fully qualified professionals in dedicated spaces inside the conference building. Please sign up in your user profile by August 10. We'll discuss exact conditions with each parent signing up. Unfortunately none of the parents who indicated interest followed up with our questions for details, so we sadly needed to cancel this offering.

Quiet room

This room is reserved for those who need space free from interaction with other attendees in an environment where they feel free and safe to do so. The quiet room is free of conversation and interaction of any kind. It can be used for meditation, prayer, reading, or just some silence away from the buzz of the conference. We would request that it be a technology-free zone and that attendees use hushed voices or stay silent to respect other attendees who may be using the space. Any conference attendee is welcome to use this room if needed.

AA meetings

The AA Community in the Frankfurt region provides multiple meeting times and spaces during the week of the conference.

Do not photograph me

We understand that not everyone wants to be in the spotlight, and we respect that. A bright colored lanyard will be available to signify “Do not photograph me”. Our volunteer photography team has specific instructions not to photograph anyone wearing those. We will also post our photography guidelines onsite at the event so that other attendees are aware of this policy as well.

Pronoun and communication stickers

At the registration desk, attendees can communication stickers to put on their badges. Communication stickers indicate your requested level of interaction with other attendees:

  • Green: open to communicate;
  • Yellow: only if you know me please; and
  • Red: I’m not interested in communicating at this time.

Pronoun stickers indicate your preferred pronouns (they/them, she/her, he/him, etc.) and may be found at the Drupal Diversity and Inclusion table.

All-gender restroom

There are designated all-gender restrooms for attendees who feel more comfortable using those facilities. 

First aid and medical assistance

In the event that you require first aid or medical assistance during Drupal Europe, please visit our registration desk or the venue front desk to call a paramedic. For emergencies, dial 112. Hospitals are nearby.

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