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Sell it again: licenses and subscriptions on Drupal Commerce

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Setting up Drupal Commerce to sell access to aspects of your site, such as roles or content, as either subscriptions or one-off purchases.


Selling licenses and orders that automatically repeat have long been twin goals in the world of Drupal e-commerce. Put them together, and you have the essentials of a hands-free SaaS setup, where customers make a purchase, are granted access, and are billed regularly thereafter.

In the Drupal Commerce 2 ecosystem, this is provided by two modules that work together: Commerce License and Commerce Recurring. Commerce License allows customers to purchase products that grant access of some sort to the site, such as a role, an Organic Groups membership, or the ability to publish a piece of content. Meanwhile, Commerce Recurring creates subscriptions that create repeat orders that bill customers at regular intervals. Both have been built on the expertise and experience acquired from incarnations on earlier versions of Drupal.

In this session, we'll look at how to set these modules up, the use cases they cover, the use cases they don't yet cover, and the plans for the future.


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