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CMI 2.0 updates and the best of config management today

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Configuration Management Initiative 2.0 roadmap and updates with practical examples of how to solve (some of) these challenges with contrib today.


The Configuration Management is one of the signature improvements of Drupal 8.

However, now that the community has a couple of years of building Drupal 8 sites behind them, various limitations have surfaced: various common workflows are not natively supported; core's config APIs have missing functionality. While many of these problems have contrib workarounds, often these solutions can conflict with one another, and there's no one set of best practices that works for all.

Hence the Configuration Management Initiative 2.0.

The key aspects are:

  • Installing a site from existing configuration
  • Different configuration in different environments
  • Update without overriding customizations (from modules and distributions)
  • Documentation for both workflows to use it and API to develop with

This session will give you an overview on the progress of CMI 2.0 and our roadmap. And in addition, show you how you can structure your projects and workflows with contrib solutions that exist today to minimize disruption. We will introduce the future best practices based on the contrib experience and give you practical examples for real world challenges.



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