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Bringing the Search API to Drupal Core

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Bringing the Search API module to drupal core, is it a good idea or not? Help us decide what we should do.


First created for Drupal 7, the Search API module provides a powerful, extensible framework for creating searches in Drupal. Along with its numerous extension modules it allows site builders to enrich their searches with any number of advanced features, and improve the relevancy and presentation of the delivered results compared to the default Search module provided with Drupal Core.

The project was actually sparked by a 2010 discussion about Core Search in Drupal 8, implementing a lot of the suggestions made there. At DrupalCon London (2011) it was then discussed to make this module the new search module in Drupal Core itself. However, we didn't deem it mature enough yet at that point, and countless changes and improvements since then confirm that assessment.

With the stable release of the module for Drupal 8 now, the steady adoption of Search API in drupal 8, and Drupal Core's new release cycle, though, we find the possibility of including the Search API module in Drupal Core worth discussing again.

  • Is it a good fit?
  • What would be the benefits, what would be the drawbacks?
  • What approach should be taken for inclusion, what are prerequisites to fulfil?
  • Should we make any changes to the Search API before/during the move to core.
  • What should we do about it's (git) history?
  • What should be done with the current Search module?
  • Would inclusion in core slow down or speed up the development process and/or improve the code quality by a measurable amount?

If you find these questions worth discussing, too, and have opinions for some of them, please come to this conversation and provide your input!

We would like to hear from site-builders, developers, as well as maintainers of core-modules/sub-systems.

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