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I Love Diagrams - Visualising Entity Structures and Processes

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I love diagrams for designing, redesigning and documenting Drupal sites and training end users. Mostly I think about entity relationship -style diagrams and diagrams for workflows. What do you use diagrams for in Drupal? When not to use diagrams? What is the best software to draw Drupal-diagrams with? Can you automate it?

I myself have used UMLish diagrams with Drupal since 2011, but not consistently. I think there is a lot to gain from using appropriate diagrams in different phases of a Drupal project. Only so often the time seems to slip away into something else, so it would be really nice to get some things automatically and still editable cross platform.

Discussion on for example

  • Which types of diagrams are useful in Drupal context?
  • Can we document entities as diagrams automatically in a useful way?
  • Where can diagrams be used? (fe. do content editors gain something from entity relationships?)

And of course, feel free to add your own perspective :-)

ps. If you have anything to do with the ERD-module, please do join us.

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